About Us

We are two mom entrepreneurs on a mission! As our families grew, we realized that we take A LOT of photos and videos. Our kids, our pets, our trips, everything gets recorded. But then what? We can make a photo book, sure, but what about that cute video of your kid that you want to remember? What about all those wedding photos that are just gathering dust? What about that awesome shot your spouse got when they saw their child for the first time? Those deserve to be preserved on more than a dusty hard drive that sits on your shelf!


We want to bring your memories to life with beautiful, affordable and meaningful music videos to treasure forever. We take your existing photos and videos and create amazing, high quality keepsakes that you’ll love! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Celebrations of Life - we can create a video for any event that you and your family will cherish.


So go ahead, pull out those old photos and videos and let us turn them into something to talk about!

Brie Robertson

Editor, Videographer, Photographer

Brie grew up in Yellowknife in Northern Canada and her passion for television and video making started there. Once she moved to Southern Alberta, she took the Television Production program at SAIT and hasn't stopped since!


Brie has over 15 years experience in the television industry and more than 20 years experience making videos! Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor - she has done it all! Working for networks like TSN, Sportsnet, Fox and on major events like the Pam Am Games and the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show, she has a wealth of knowledge that she brings to the company!

She is married with one young daughter and can't wait to help others make memories!

Keely Brower

Administrator, Photographer, Marketing

From early on, Keely has been playing with cameras and computers!


Growing up all across Canada she has had the privilege of seeing our beautiful country and have fallen in love with photography and creating memorable keepsakes for people. Being a busy mother of three, she recognizes how difficult it can be to keep track of all the pictures and videos she takes of her family and friends. She wanted to do something that made sense, and this made sense to us!


If she can help create something for a person and bring a smile to their face - it is all worth it!